Selling floggers door to door, Amber Rayne has the appearance of the perfect bad little girl dressed in a girl scout uniform. Mistress Kylie Ireland, who is loitering around her loft/orgy area smoking smokes while wearing a corset with a drawstring waist, piques her attention as a customer. Mistress Kylie naturally wants to check out the goods and discover if she enjoys the flogger as well! She gives the sly little slut a professional-style pounding and bends her before pulling her over to a table cushioned with leather. "Ireland confides in Amber that the whips you're selling are a little too gentle. " "Let me demonstrate an improved item for you. " After bringing out several whips and floggers, she persuades Amber to stay for the afternoon. The two women are flawless in their roles as the top and bottom, navigating the SM rite with sensual ease and easy wickedness. Before Kylie gets very serious and 'cups' both of Amber's nipples - and her pussy - nipple clamps and dildos are used! then uses the Magic Wand after that! Not only that, but we still haven't discussed the Ass Spreader or what occurs when Amber bats first! A must-see scene from Jake Malone that features a lesbian/bitch SM!

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