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Tongue Tied Lovers, Scene #03

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Babysitter's Playtime, Scene #01
Old & Young
Tanya Tate is excited to have Alli Rae visit her daughter, Tanya's daughter, while she is away. They reminisce about their past and Tanya urges Alli to settle in. Alli discovers the upstairs bedroom and tries to strip off and urinate on the white linens. She calls her girlfriend Riley to help her reach her climax, and they share intimate moments. Alli explains that she was pushed to explore her sexual impulses by her mother Cherri. Tanya asks Alli to call her mommy, and they both share intimate moments. Alli demonstrates her tits and Tanya expresses her excitement for their first time together. They plan to ask Cherri Deville for a little ménage à trois the next time.
You Tricked Me: Part Two, Scene #01
Old & Young
Cherie DeVille, a woman who is owed a favor by Samantha Rone, is late for dinner and is waiting for a buyer to inspect her four million dollar home. She enters the home and finds Samantha, her daughter-in-law, partially nude. Cherie is embarrassed and powerless, but Samantha insists she enter the house to avoid being discovered and fired. Samantha's attractiveness and beauty draw Cherie's attention, and she becomes increasingly attracted to her. A powerful sexual sensation overpowers Cherie, and she repeatedly licks Samantha, causing her to tremble and make her mother shoot all.
Something To Look At, Scene #01
Old & Young
Carmen Callaway is depressed after a friend shared a photo on social media, but her stepmother Brandi Love supports her. Carmen is obsessed with likes and wants to be the most popular girl in school. Brandi helps her with makeup and takes pictures, but Carmen is unsure if she is overreacting. She demonstrates sensual gestures and kisses Carmen, allowing her to take up new skills. Carmen feels relieved that her mother's photo has over 300 likes.
Never Too Small, Scene #01
Old & Young
Alina West, upset with her stepmother Cherie's infatuation with the kitchen, decides to demand more attention from her. She plans to woo Cherie by exposing her to her body and teaching her about sex. Cherie accepts her flirtation and indulges in multiple orgasms, making Alina happy. Both mother and daughter are sexually fulfilled, and Cherie promises to continue satisfying her as long as Alina serves as her assistant. Alina is unable to decline a significant concession.
Caught Skipping, Scene #01
Old & Young
Halle Von, a young woman, has a successful day with her stepmother Brandi Love, who teaches her the skills to become a self-assured woman. Halle has committed numerous offenses, including a tattoo she obtained while abstaining from school. Brandi uses her influence to give Halle her first lesbian orgasm, which turns her into a self-assured woman. Halle's fingering and pussy licking turn her into a confident and confident woman, allowing her to practice these newfound skills with her friends.